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Talent Values

Talents are the competitiveness of companies, and high-quality professionals are the core driving force for company development.

We are committed to building an excellent team, because we know that only an excellent team can create an excellent company.


Staff Development

If a company wants to attract and retain employees, it is necessary to keep every employee interested and motivated in their work, make the best use of their talents, and help them develop a customized career plan that satisfies themselves.

Fit cultural and Correct perspectives

Recognize Friend's culture and practice it with correct values.

Friend advocates a healthy and positive work and life style.

Appoint people on their merits and turn them into loyal; Appoint loyal and make loyal have merits. 

The development of companies needs talents and must "appoint people on merit"; The development of a company needs to be stable, but also "cronyism", that is, loyalty to the company. It is fundamental to appoint people on their merits for development and turn them into relatives; Employing loyal to seek stability and turning loyal into virtue is the key.


Make Full Use of Human Resources

Put the right person in the right position, create a positive and good environment, constantly create personal development opportunities, maximize every employee's talent, so that all employees have the opportunity and platform to achieve personal success and values.

Win-win cooperation and sharing growth

With the heart of friends, respect, tolerate, trust and cultivate employees; On the premise of agreeing with the core values of the corporation, respect the individual differences, seek common ground while reserving differences, develop and win together; Friend and its staff emphasize mutual cooperation, mutual trust, and adhere to the concept of relying on employees for development, developing for employees, and sharing development achievements with employees. Emphasize mutual cooperation, mutual assistance and sharing, healthy competition, learning from each other among employees, and give full play to the synergy.

Everyone is equal and transferable.

Friend insists that all employees are equal in personality. There are no grades of talents, only different responsibilities. Talents are those who give full play to their talents in the right positions. We choose the best in competition, regardless of seniority, to achieve transferable human resources. 

Inclusive and open-minded

Recognize the strengths of talents and accommodate the weaknesses of talents, develop strengths and avoid weaknesses. Keep an open mind with employees’ decision, and remain friends after employees resigned. 

Actively learn and attach importance to training

Establish a learning organization, improve employees' career planning, and provide various forms of training and education.



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