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New Energy Industry

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New Energy Industry


New Energy Industry

Driven by China's "carbon peak, carbon neutral" policy, new energy power generation and new energy vehicles and other industries ushered in an unprecedented period of rapid development.

The new energy industry has a higher demand for the weatherability (high thermal resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, etc.) of insulation materials than the traditional industries. Friend has developed and innovated a variety of new products, which are used in wind power, photovoltaic, new energy vehicles (pure electric, hydrogen, fuel cells) and other industries.

Wind Power

The working environment of wind power generation equipment is complex and changeable, and equipment is in high temperature, high humidity, high salt fog, wind and rain erosion, impact, vibration and other environments for a long time. Therefore, higher performance and service life are required for insulation materials used in wind power generation equipment. Friend’s products ensure the smooth and long-term operation of wind power generation equipment with stable performance.


Photovoltaic power generation is a technology that uses relevant media to convert the cleanest, safest and reliable solar energy into electric energy. As the "main industry" promoting energy transformation and green economy recovery, photovoltaic industry is facing unprecedented development opportunities. In order to further promote the improvement of relevant technologies, Friend assisted in developing photovoltaic combiner box products with high performance requirements and new materials for photovoltaic power generation applications, further promoting the goal of "carbon peaking, carbon neutralization".

New Energy Vehicles

With the concern of countries for energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy vehicles have become the development direction of the future automobile industry. The materials developed and produced by Friend can effectively meet the safety and lightweight needs of the battery system of new energy vehicles. In order to further reduce the weight of vehicles, Friend developed and produced high-strength epoxy molded materials. The high-strength epoxy molded material has zero VOC, high strength, high toughness, and can replace the excellent properties of steel; It can be widely used in new energy battery cases, car bumpers, pedals, etc.



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