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The R&D Center of Beijing Friend Group was founded in 2004, which has a laboratory of nearly 500 square meters for product R&D and testing , and 2 doctors and 9 masters. The R&D Center and the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly established a new material R&D center and a progressiveness polymer joint laboratory. In 2007, the Center was recognized as the Beijing Enterprise Technology Center.

Since 2004, the Technology Research and Development Center has applied for authorization of nearly 20 national invention patents and 7 utility models. In the past five years, 19 new products have been developed, 14 products have been officially put into production, and 6 new material projects have been approved by the state and Beijing city. The R&D projects undertaken were listed as National Torch Plan projects, and won the "Best Project Award", "Tongzhou District Science and Technology First Prize", etc.

The R&D Center will uphold Friend's vision of independent innovation and building a century-aged company in the material industry, give full play to Friend's years of practical experience, equipment and technology advantages in the field of new materials, fulfill the responsibilities and obligations entrusted to Friend by the society while realizing the interests of the company, and make due contributions to the domestic insulation material industry.



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