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  • Product name: F828 phenolic paper laminate
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Detailed Product Description:
From the bleached wood pulp paper impregnated with phenolic resin, drying, hot pressing made.
Implementation of the standard: enterprise standard
Colour: Black
Features: Compared with other phenolic paperboard, it has excellent mechanical properties, good humidity under normal electrical performance, suitable for cold punching, alternating heat and heat after the change in size smaller.
Mechanical and electrical use. Due to its hot and cold after the change in size is small, suitable for fluorescent lamp head plate.
Serial number Test items unit standard
1 Vertical layer to bend strength (normal) Mpa ≥150
2 Heat resistance (200 ° C, 10 min) --- Not blistering
3 Water absorption mg ≤140
4 Parallel layer to the insulation resistance (normal) Ω ≥1*109
5 Parallel layer to the insulation resistance (D48 / 23) Ω ≥5.0*107