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President's Introduction


President's Introduction

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President's Introduction

President Changyan Zhou , the chairman of Beijing Friend Group, born in Beijing in March 1961, is a senior engineer and an MBA from Tsinghua University. He used to be the vice chairman of the Insulation Materials Branch of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association, a member of the Beijing Chaoyang District CPPCC, and a standing member of the Chaoyang District Federation of Industry and Commerce.

In 1991, President Changyan Zhou resigned from the Beijing Chemical Industry Group and started his business with 5,000 CNY. After five years of original accumulation, Beijing Friend company was founded in 1996. With its honest cooperation concept and good market sense, Friend has made rapid development in the field of composite material production and machining.

After nearly three decades of hard work, President Changyan Zhou led Friend to explore and move forward in the pursuit of excellence. From the three humble tile houses rented at the beginning, now it has developed into a multi regional cooperation pattern with Beijing headquarter as the center of management, R&D, and production, while Qianxi, Hebei and Kunshan, Jiangsu as the production bases. He has devoted himself to building a century-aged corporation in the field of new materials.

Talents are the first to build a longevous corporation. Over the years, President Changyan Zhou has adhered to and advocated the concept of "people-oriented" employment, created a high-quality management team, and has been committed to the research and exploration of talent innovation, management innovation, technology innovation, and product innovation, leading Friend to stand out in the fierce market competition and achieve high-speed and high-quality development.

Follow the market trend and face the complex and changeable market environment, President Changyan Zhou is well aware that only embracing change is an effective coping strategy for traditional companies to settle down and take off. The constantly expanding boundary of product applications, the long-term research of customer value’s demand, as well as the continuously upgraded customer service quality, further witness the determination of Friend to move with changes and trend, and continue to write the legend development of China's new material industry.

As a private entrepreneur with philanthropic feelings, President Changyan Zhou has shouldered the great mission of promoting the sustainable development of public welfare undertakings in the process of expanding company business and speeding up Friend's construction. He has established and promoted a high sense of corporate social responsibility within Friend, called on staff to deeply participate in glorious charity, and organized staff to actively participate in activities such as "SARS Prevention" and “Poverty Alleviation" in 2003; "Tsunami Donations" in 2005; In 2007, he donated money to schools such as Zhangjiadian Primary School, Taihu Town Primary School and Ciqu Primary School, and contributed money to road construction in local area, totaling more than 2 million CNY; In 2008, donated money to Sichuan earthquake stricken areas as well as employees from earthquake stricken areas; In 2018, he launched a collective donation campaign for the serious sick employee, and raised more than 300,000 CNY in just ten days; In 2020, he donated money to Caimushan Primary School in Duolun County. The group has won many honorary titles such as "Enterprise with harmonious labor relations", , "Advanced Unit for the Construction of Spiritual Civilization", President Changyan Zhou has also been rated as "Glorious Career Leader", and won the "Chaoyang District Outstanding Contribution Talent Nomination Award", "Capital Top Ten Moral Model Nomination Award" and other honors.

As an important part of the "double carbon" goal, ecological environment protection is also the focus of Zhou Changyan's continuous attention. Following his unique insights and innovative ideas in the field of energy conservation and emission reduction, Friend spontaneously developed a laminated product waste treatment system and obtained a patent, making contributions to the sustainable development of a low-carbon society. Moreover, in order to practice the concept of green production, the group has also added a number of environmental protection devices and facilities to solve the problems of waste gas collection and dust treatment, promote the beneficent cycle of environmental ecology, and become the pioneer and promoter of China's "3060" goal.

Under the guidance and leadership of President Changyan Zhou, following the market all along, Beijing Friend Group has constantly increased R&D and investment to new materials, optimized product structure and service quality, actively adjusted the operation and management system, and carried out the global business with a steady development strategy, involving Germany, UK, France, USA, Belgium, Italy, Bulgaria, Ukraine, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and other dozens of countries and regions.

Keep going, the future is promising. Through time tunnel, President Changyan Zhou is always wholeheartedly practicing the entrepreneurial spirit of responsibility, dedication, wisdom and integrity with his practical actions, and growing up together with Beijing Friend Group.

Honesty and trustworthiness are the soul of the group. Along the way, President Changyan, Zhou with a strong sense of responsibility and mission as well as a rock solid belief of pursuit, has always taken boosting the national industry as his responsibility, set up a model of integrity, integrated research and development forces, and led generations of Friend people to go through an arduous entrepreneurship journey, ultimately developing Friend into a leading company in the new materials industry, and constantly promoting China's new materials industry to the forefront of the world.



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